Our Main skills

Web & Software

Showcase website, E-commerce website, Big Data, Mobile App

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Electronic & Automatism

Robotic, Electronic cards, Motorization, Feasibility Study

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Hydraulic & Thermic

Dimensioning, Numerical Simulation, Modelisation, Environmental Engineering

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Our services

N7 Consulting can enhance your project by providing you the expertise of ENSEEIHT's students and its 5 departments.

Why working with us

Since 1977, N7 Consulting has been working with hundreds of customers. Do the same, choose us !

What We Do

N7 Consulting provides consultancy services in engineering which are performed by engineering students. We can bring our technical expertise in the following fields of competence : 

  •  Computing 
  •  Electronics 
  •  Telecommunications & Networks 
  •  Hydraulics/Thermic

In short, we are able to provide you what you need to begin or develop new products.

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